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While washing clothes, you can choose to put in a liquid fabric softener while the clothes are washing or wait until your washed items go into the dryer.

You can use a softener for your drying items, dryer balls, or fabric softener dryer sheets.

Save money on dryer sheets

Cut them into smaller squares, either in half or 1/4ths

Make Your Own DIY Dryer Sheets

Place a once used or fresh square of softener dryer sheet in lingerie, towel, washcloth, drawers or other storage areas

How to Recycle Used Dryer Sheets

Remember first to wash the dryer sheets to remove the excess softener residue from them.

You can choose to wash them as you take them out of the dryer or wait to do many at once.

When you wash the dryer sheets in the washing machine, put them into a sock bag or garment back. The garment bag will make it easier to remove the recycled and clean fabric softener sheet from the washer.

Recycle the clean and dried dryer sheets in various ways including:


Stuffed Animals

Table Clothes, Napkins, Table Runner


Blankets or Coverings for the Homeless

Reapolster furniture, vehicle seats (?) Wear and tear ?



Doll Clothing and accessories

Doll House Items



Makeup remover, face mask, or other helpful items

Dog House Insulation under straw, walls, ceiling

Nets for the environment

Sewing or piecing together the squares of throw away fabric softener sheets to make large nets for various useful tools can benefit the entire globe.

Collect trash or residue from the ocean (?oil spills?)

Collect trash from pipes going into larger bodies of water

Hang net in tree over cars to keep sap and debre from vehicles

Use in orchard trees to collect fruit before it hits the ground

Use as a makeshift shelter or awning



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