About Lynn

Hi I’m Lynn of Exclusive Ambitions,

My name is Lynn, I’m a mom of 2 children and a whole lot of laundry. This site is an attempt to share laundry tips, tricks and ideas as well as appliances, detergents and fabric softener choices.

Lynn of Exclusive Ambitions

I’m a mom with a family that I love and appreciate so much. At the moment, my life is filled with mom things. I love being a parent and can’t believe how much it’s changed my life.

While my life has changed in many ways, it’s also included a whole list of new chores and some of those include laundry.

While working on my daily goals with family and life, I’ll be adding some helpful information throughout this site from time to time, that will hopefully give you some insight on making your laundry life a little more interesting and bare-able.

Throughout this site you’ll find links to other family friendly products and services, ideas and helpful hints. Some of the links lead to sites that allow us to advertise for them for a small commission; you will recognize some of those companies. They allow us to add their links on our site and if someone makes a purchase, we receive a small commission.

I appreciate all that these companies allow our web people to do for us and even though each of us on this site represents something different, we want to encourage you to live your best lives. So if you’re out there, thank you.

Enough about that, here’s an example of some of the things I love and will share with you on this site:

This is a group that shares my Exclusive Ambitions products and services. It’s a family friendly group. I’d like to invite you to get the updates and keep up with any news that’s going on. It’s really a slow group at this point but we encourage and support each other to build one another up.

We resist negativity. We share positivity on this site and in the groups we’re involved with. We share products suitable for the whole family and are shareable online.

If you have a positive vibe to share or products you think we would be interested in sharing, follow along with this group and be part of something we would like to see grow. The idea that people can help other people is part of the idea we’d like to share on this website and the groups we list.

Use this link to follow the group on this social media: Gods Homies for a community of young people to learn about business online and offline.

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