Family Friendly Movies

With your family in mind, PureFlix has family friendly movies

Every day our families are bombarded by information that is less than suitable for our children. Family friendly movies are here to help you and your children make better decisions with your time.

Many times we don’t think about the other choices. Here’s a company that puts your family first with wholesome and character building entertainment that will help shape and mold your children with good character and family values.

If you are looking for family friendly movies, encouragement, inspiration and motivational information, look no further.

Here’s a company that is adding value to the entertainment industry, by adding movies that your entire family can sit through together.

I’d like to invite you to find out how movies that inspire and encourage your children and family can help build courage, strength and family values for years to come.

Look around the website to see what you think. While you’re there, ask your children if there’s anything they’d like to watch; make it a family time.

Streaming Christian Movies from PureFlix

While trying to find family friendly movies on Netflix I found myself limited with cartoons and entertainment that really wasn’t suitable for my particular family’s needs. This led me to search for alternative information that was g rated and something I had no problem allowing my family to watch without adult supervision.

While you were visiting the site, did you like what you saw?

If you feel this company can help you with the entertainment you appreciate for your families values, invite yourself to try it out for month at no cost to you. Cancel at any time, but for a month, you have the opportunity to share wholesome family values with your family.

Try Pure Flix, free for one month!

If you enjoy entertainment about racing, this series is set in Colorado and encompasses the family life of Randy Wilcox.

Watch as Randy travels to a new city, finding a job, and experiences daily life.

Don’t forget to grab the popcorn and some pop, soda, soda pop, whatever your family calls it, maybe a pizza, and some of the family favorite candy or sweets.

Don’t forget a pillow & blanket to snuggle up on the couch with and spend time with family and pick out some movies you can all watch together.

Watch “Hitting the Breaks” now, 1st month FREE. Only $10.99 a month for unlimited streaming on

Start Your Free Month of Pure Flix

This month of free family friendly movies will guide you on the path to being able to sit together with everyone from baby to grandma and rebuild the family entertainment time together.

This series of family friendly movies online is streamed right into your living room or other sitting area so there’s no need to purchase any extra equiptment.

These are family safe movies that everyone in the house can watch together without feeling uncomfortable or surprised with adult entertainment.

  • You’ll find family friendly movie reviews by parents who appreciate wholesome entertainment the entire family can spend time watching together.
  • You’ll stay update with new family friendly movie lists
  • You’ll have some of the best family friendly movies of all times right at your fingertips
  • You’ll find G rated movies and series that all your children can watch

100 best family friendly movies

This list is from you.

I’d like to invite you to add your favorite family friendly movie.

Submission needs to be something the whole family, including grandma can watch together.

Scroll below to share your favorite sit around the house with people you love tv show, movie, or series.

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